New Stanford Hospital Moat Wall Instrumentation and Monitoring

  • Stanford, California

Geodaq provided PRO5 instrumentation modules to monitor potential movements of a 30-foot high permanent retaining wall surrounding the New Stanford Hospital Building located at Stanford, California.

  • Construction adjacent to the recently completed $2 billion hospital will require removal of part of the tieback support for the permanent retaining wall structure surrounding the below grade portion of the New Stanford Hospital. Geodaq installed a total of 42 PRO5 digital instrumentation modules at seven (7) locations along the 30-foot high retaining wall to provide careful and continuous displacement profile measurements in real-time.
  • PRO5 modules were installed at 3.5-foot spacings over the height of the wall, and results indicate incremental displacement resolutions on the order of 0.001 inches.
  • Our digital network of PRO5 modules are scanned every 30 to 60 minutes and plots of calculated displacement and temperature profiles are available for viewing in real-time via our web-based software.

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