Bridge Monitoring

Structural Health and Performance

Complete monitoring solutions for bridge and overpass structures. Monitor long-term performance with our PRO-5 sensor network for reliable and accurate displacement, stress and temperature results.

Railroad Monitoring

Movements and temperature changes for steel rail and ties

Monitor performance of railway systems with our SS4 modules. Dynamic response as well as long-term behavior for horizontal, longitudinal and transverse displacements, shear strains, rail rotation and temperature.

Concrete Pavement Monitoring

Dynamic stresses and displacements with temperature and 3D orientation

Monitor vertical, transverse and longitudinal stresses, displacements and temperature in concrete pavement structures with our AST200-6 modules. The AST200-6 module has a uniaxial temperature compensated strain transducer with sub-microstrain resolution. Each module has a 3-Axis accelerometer with a 1500 HZ bandwidth and DC response for dynamic displacement measurements and long-term tilt changes.

Blast and Impact Monitoring

Monitor stresses and motion for blast and impact events

Remote systems for monitoring high frequency strain, displacement and acceleration associated with blasting and impact loadings. Results in real-time with reduced signal plots and FFT results as well as comparison to project specific criteria levels.

Pile Load Testing

Deep foundation testing for pile capacity

Perform static pile tests with our PilePRO monitoring system. Monitor force and displacement at the pile top as well as mobilization of side and end bearing capacity. View load displacement plots in real-time from a field computer and view remotely with our WebApp.