Vibration & Noise Monitoring

Geodaq provides complete noise and vibration monitoring services to automatically measure sound levels and ground/structural motions and help you manage your construction activity and remain within a safe range and within project limits. A comprehensive monitoring system will help you avoid damage claims to existing structures, disturbance to people, damage to sensitive machinery or degraded performance of precision instrumentation and motion sensitive equipment.

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Blast & Inpact Monitoring

Remote systems for monitoring high frequency strain, displacement and acceleration associated with blasting and impact loadings. Results in real-time with reduced signal plots and FFT results as well as comparison to project specific criteria levels.

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Vibration and Noise Monitoring

  • Real-time results with complete plots via our web application
  • Automatic pdf report generation of past and up to the minute results
  • Instant text, email or voice notifications when threshold levels are exceeded.
  • Development of instrumentation monitoring plans and submittals
  • Technical support including interpretation of monitoring results
  • Field installation and setup services

Monitoring Stations 

Our remote monitoring systems are designed to operate year-round and continuously record noise or vibration parameters and provide instant notification when project threshold limits are exceeded.  We can provide vibration monitoring stations with one or multiple tri-axial geophone sensors.  Each remote station is portable, robust and waterproof and designed to operate in harsh conditions commonly encountered at construction sites.  We rent our stations with automated monitoring service.  Each vibration and/or noise monitoring station includes 24-bit resolution high-speed data converters, 1GHZ controller, wireless Internet modem with service, one or more tri-axial geophones or SS6 Modules, and a high-capacity lithium battery with solar panel.  Our remote stations operate autonomously in the field and continuously send data results to our dedicated cloud server.

Monitoring Service  

Automated monitoring services come with every monitoring station we rent.  Our web application provides real-time results in a password protected portal.  View maps showing each station location, get station health status reports and view vibration and noise monitoring results with plots showing allowable threshold levels.  Generate daily, weekly, monthly or multi-monthly monitoring reports with our automatic customizable pdf report generator.  Each dynamically generated report has up to the minute results.   Vibration results can be filtered with specific time intervals and user selectable highpass and lowpass filters to view datasets relevant to the geophone response characteristics as well as project specific requirements.

Vibration Monitoring Technical Features

  • Works with ISEE Geophones for ground vibrations and SS6 Modules for structural vibrations
  • High resolution 24-bit AD with 0.002 in/sec noise floor
  • Dominant frequency measurements using FFT and zero-crossing
  • Portable monitoring station with light weight lithium battery
  • Solar power operation with MMPT charge controller
  • Remotely change sample rate, number of samples, reporting interval, sample mode and low power modes
  • Vibration sample modes including PPV with frequency and wave form capture
  • Station health monitoring: battery level, current draw, enclosure temperature and humidity

Noise Monitoring Technical Features

  • Class 1 integrating sound level meter, IEC 61672-1:2013, ANSI S1.4-2014
  • Adjustable observation periods with selectable frequency and time weighting Leq, Lmax and Lmin
  • Exceeds 120 dB dynamic range
  • Real-time frequency analysis in 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands, IEC 61260:2014, ANSI S1.11-2014
  • Remotely change reporting interval
  • Station health monitoring: battery level, current draw, enclosure temperature and humidity

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