Geodaq was founded in California by three registered civil engineers and one licensed electrical engineer. Geodaq designs and manufactures accurate and reliable instrumentation and data acquisition solutions for infrastructure projects. Our real-time web-based applications deliver more than just sensor results – our monitoring systems provide useful answers to important problems. Over the past 15 years, Geodaq has advanced the practice of field instrumentation and automated monitoring with many structural health monitoring innovations:

PRO5 modules for static monitoring of displacement, temperature and stress profiles on structures like bridge spans, retaining walls, buildings and large structures.
GST5 modules for dynamic/static stress and acceleration monitoring over a widely dispersed digital network like vibration monitoring, impacts, blasts and bridge monitoring.
SS4 modules for dynamic and static strain and motion measurements for steel or concrete structures like dams, railroad tracks and transmission towers.
I6 In-place inclinometer with a high-density network of MEMS accelerometer sensors in a flexible-bendable waterproof strip package for very accurate displacement profile measurements over long spans, walls, columns and subsurface boreholes.
AST and Fully integrated concrete embedment sensors for long-term static and dynamic strain, acceleration and temperature for piles, pavements and reinforced concrete structures.