• Dynamic Structural Health Monitoring
  • Dynamic Stress and Displacement
  • Long-Term Stability for Static Force and Movement
  • Temperature Profiling
  • Tilt and Rotational Movements
  • In-situ Orientation of Installed Module


  • Static and Dynamic Pile Testing
  • Concrete Pavement Monitoring
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Structural Health Monitoring


Embedded Strain, Acceleration, Temperature

The Geodaq AST structural monitoring module is designed for embedment in concrete providing a complete measurement solution in a single robust housing. Each AST module includes a temperature compensated full bridge electrical resistance strain sensor, one 3-axis low-g accelerometer, and one high resolution temperature sensor. Optional versions available for fully isolated signal returns and overvoltage protection up to +/- 40 volts. The AST integrated measurement system provides the perfect solution for dynamic and static structural monitoring applications like drilled shaft testing and concrete pavement health monitoring. Fully conditioned analog output for easy integration with most data acquisition systems. Applications include drilled shaft testing, structural columns and pavements.


Pavement Monitoring

The AST module is a dual function sensor cluster where both dynamic and static signals can be captured.  Almost all structures involve periodic to continuous dynamic stresses and movements, so a well designed monitoring system can capture and distinguish between static and dynamic and evaluate long term trends for both cases.

The dynamic performance of the AST module is illustrated in the following plots showing strain and displacement in the vertical direction as a 5-Axle truck passes over the module embedded in a concrete highway pavement under live traffic loads.  Several benefits are derived from monitoring typical load-displacement relationships and how these change over time and temperature.


AST Module Attached to Steel Reinforcement Cage of Test Pier