In- Place Inclinometer

Structural or Subsurface Displacement and Temperature Profiles

Geodaq’s 6th generation In-Place Inclinometer measures vertical or horizontal movements using a closely spaced (up to 12 inches) network of digital MEMS sensors. Each module is 8-feet in length and is made from flexible ABS plastic to withstand significant shear displacement. Various inclinometer lengths can be created by connecting multiple modules together end-to-end forming a continuous chain of tilt sensors. Our patented 4-wheel centralizer attached to the outside of the housing allows for installation in 2.75-inch diameter inclinometer casing for subsurface applications. A single cable connects to our GCM4 controller to collect inclinometer displacement profiles in real-time.


  • Subsurface Displacements

  • Subsurface Settlements

  • Structural Displacements

  • Temperature Profiles


  • Bridge Monitoring

  • Embankments and Dams

  • Earth Retention Systems

  • Tunnels

  • Transmission Towers

Our In-Place Inclinometer at Work