• Static and Dynamic Stresses
  • 3-Axis acceleration
  • Dynamic Displacements
  • Tilt and Rotational Movements
  • Temperature


  • Structural Steel Elements
  • Concrete Structures
  • Axial, Vertical Shear and Bending Stresses
  • Rotational Movements Like Rails, Saddle Blocks and Columns
  • Structure Temperature Profiling


Strain, Acceleration, Temperature

The SS6 module is a high-resolution, high-accuracy multipurpose sensor package designed to simplify field installation and data acquisition for structural monitoring applications.  Each SS6 includes a fully integrated strain gauge (optional), temperature sensor and 3-axis accelerometer for dynamic and structural monitoring.  All signal outputs are conditioned within a 0 to 3.3V range making integration into data acquisition systems easy.  Monitor stresses, temperature, rotation and motion with our very small form factor SS6 modules. Optional versions available for fully isolated signal returns and overvoltage protection up to +/- 40 volts.



Laboratory test results illustrate the basic capability of the SS6 module to estimate velocity and displacement given two sinusoidal input motions at 3 and 10 cycles per second.  A linear actuator table was used to create the sinusoidal motion and calibrated displacement and velocity transducers were mounted to the moving table to provide a comparison to the SS6 results.  The results shown below include a comparison of velocity at 10 Hz and displacement at 3 Hz.  Histograms show the measured error in peak-to-peak displacements.


Strain measurement performance of the SS6 was compared with a vibrating wire sensor over a 3-month period under field conditions.  The SS6 and vibrating wire gauge were mounted at the same location on a steel member.  The SS6 strain configuration was full bridge for axial strain and temperature compensation.  The figures below show two different time windows for comparison.