Concrete Pavement Monitoring

Dynamic stresses and displacements with temperature and 3D orientation

Monitor vertical, transverse and longitudinal stresses, displacements and temperature in concrete pavement structures with our AST200-6 modules. The AST200-6 module has a uniaxial temperature compensated strain transducer with sub-microstrain resolution. Each module has a 3-Axis accelerometer with a 1500 HZ bandwidth and DC response for dynamic displacement measurements and long-term tilt changes.

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Example of AST Modules in Florida DOT Highway Pavement Prior to Spreader and Paving Machines

Concrete Spreader Machine Over Embedded AST modules

Concrete Paving Machine Over Embedded AST Modules


  • Dynamic Stresses

  • Dynamic Displacements

  • Temperature changes

  • Sensor orientation in 3D (know your stress orientation)

  • Changes in pavement slope

Relevant Products

  • AST200 Modules

  • GST5 Modules

  • GCM4 Controller