Penstock Pipeline and Saddle Block Monitoring

  • Placer County, California

Geodaq provided consulting services for design and implementation of a remote monitoring program to characterize groundwater levels and relative movements between penstock pipeline segments and saddle blocks.

  • A system of Geodaq GST modules were mounted at each saddle block to accurately digitize displacement and temperature readings.
  • All readings are transmitted over a single cable to the Geodaq GCM4 controller using a Controller Area Network system, greatly increasing the resolution, accuracy and stability of the displacement values over time and temperature.
  • A wireless Ethernet system at two stations was used with high gain antennas to transmit results over great distances to the power house and on to the Geodaq web server.
  • Results are made available via our password protected web portal for complete viewing of plots and data tables.
  • Alarms are set for instant notification in the event certain displacement levels are obtained.
  • The Geodaq monitoring system has been operating since installation in 2013, and displacement results show stability below 0.001 inches over time and temperature.

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