Railroad Monitoring

Movements and temperature changes for steel rail and ties

Monitor performance of railway systems with our SS4 modules. Dynamic response as well as long-term behavior for horizontal, longitudinal and transverse displacements, shear strains, rail rotation and temperature.

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Monitored dynamic shear strains and displacements in steel rails and concrete ties for up to 280 train passages per day through the Transbay Tube under the San Francisco Bay

SS4 Modules mounted in vertical and horizontal directions (both sides of rails)

The 64-channel high-speed data collection system used four MUXTR signal conditioning modules


  • Dynamic Shear Strains in Steel Rails

  • Rail Displacements Over Track Length

  • Railroad Tie Movements and Rotations

  • Train Speed and Car Count

  • Running Rail Applications

Relevant Products

  • SS4 Modules

  • MUXTR Modules

  • GST5 Modules

  • GCM4 Controller