Pile Load Testing

Deep foundation testing for pile capacity

Perform static pile tests with our PilePRO monitoring system. Monitor force and displacement at the pile top as well as mobilization of side and end bearing capacity. View load displacement plots in real-time from a field computer and view remotely with our WebApp.

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Project Spotlight: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Uses Geodaq’s PilePRO System to Perform Pile Load Testing Statewide

Connect multiple GST4 modules to monitoring as many AST200 modules as necessary

Pile Test Software Screenshot of Real-Time Pile Load Displacement Plot

Pile Test Software Screenshot of Real-Time Force Distribution Plot


  • Force and Displacement at Pile Top

  • Force Distribution Over Length of Pile

  • Temperature Monitoring During Concrete Curing

  • Lateral Deflection or Movement of Pile

  • Side Resistance and End Bearing

Relevant Products

  • AST200 Modules

  • GST5 Modules

  • GCM4 Controller