Bridge Monitoring

Complete monitoring solutions for bridge and overpass structures. Monitor long-term performance with our PRO-5 sensor network for reliable and accurate displacement, stress and temperature results.

Project Spotlight: Oakland Bay Bridge and Railroad Overcrossing

Old San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge and Railroad Overcrossing

Geodaq GST module for monitoring dynamic and static strain on old Bay Bridge

PRO5 Modules Mounted at Top and Bottom of Steel Girder Bridge Span at 5m Spacings


  • Bridge Span Displacement Profiles

  • Axial, Shear and Bending Stresses

  • Temperature changes

  • Vehicle Speed and Vehicle Count

  • High-Definition Video or Pictures

Relevant Products

  • PRO5 Modules

  • SS4 Modules

  • GST5 Modules

  • GCM4 Controller